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Metatrader – MT4 Broker Hosting Solutions

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FX Brokers – Extend your infrastructure globally with one provider.

Host your Metatrader MT4 Broker Server in FCM360’s datacenters located in Equinix NY4, LD4 and TY3 with cross connects to all major bank and non-bank liquidity providers.



Typical MT4 Broker Server Setup For Failover and Up-Time
  • 1. Production Environment – Primary Location
    • FCM360 Equinix Site A (NY4/LD4/TY3)
    • MT4 Production Server
      • Typical configuration
      • 6-8 cpu cores
      • 16 GB Ram
      • Storage – Standard or performance SSD
      • Disk Array – Standard Mirror RAID1 or performance array
      • Disk partitions C/D/E – OS 100GB/MT4 Application 100GB/ Log Storage 250GB
    • MT4 Demo Server – Important to have demo in same cage as production
      • 4 cpu cores
      • 8 GB Ram
      • Storage 100 GB
    • Optional MT4 Bridge or API Server
      • 4 cpu cores
      • 8 GB Ram
      • Storage 100 GB
  • 2. Failover Environment – Secondary Location
    • FCM360 Equinix Site B (NY4/LD4/TY3)
    • MT4 Backup Server – Off-site in alternate continent with MT4 replication between sites
      • i. Typical configuration
      • ii. 6-8 cpu cores
      • iii. 16 GB Ram
      • iv. Storage – Standard or performance SSD
      • v. Disk Array – Standard Mirror RAID1 or performance array
      • vi. Disk partitions C/D/E – OS 100GB/MT4 Application 100GB/ Log Storage 250GB
Sample Hosting Packages – Customized Solutions Available

Cloud Package - MT4 EA Trader

  • Quad Core Intel Xeon CPU
  • 8GB RAM ECC Memory
  • 80GB RAID SAS Disk
  • Customizable Option Available
  • $800 USD/Monthly

Bare-Metal Tier-1 Server Package (MT4 Broker)

  • 8 Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • 16GB RAM Memory
  • 10K RPM SAS Disk RAID 5 - SSD Available
  • Windows OS Installed, SSD and Customizable Bare-Metal Server also Available
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • $1,250USD/Monthly

Bare-Metal Tier-2 Server Package (MT4 Broker)

  • Quad Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • 4GB RAM Memory
  • 7.2K RPM SATA Disk RAID Mirror
  • Customizable Bare-Metal Server also Available
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  • $1,000USD/Monthly

Production and Backup Package (MT4 Broker)

  • Quad Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • Memory TBD
  • Custom Disk Space
  • Customizable Bare-Metal Server
    Mod et verteren usu.
  • Pricing Dependent Upon Server Specificatons


FCM360 offers various products both for hosting Metaquote MT4 Broker Server and MT4/5 clients for Expert Advisors. Host your MT4 Broker software in Equinix NY4, LD4 and TY3 to provide the best access to liquidity for clients who want to cross connect or host directly in your own cage. FCM360 Financial Cloud Dedicated Virtual Servers solutions cost as little as $500/month and have the same proximity and low-latency as institutional traders. We also offer Bare Metal Servers starting at $1,000/month while receiving sub-millisecond latency to your forex trading network.

See how FCM360 MT4 Servers Stack up against Rackspace and Amazon
Trader Hosting for Your Clients

Provide your clients with colocated trading servers connected directly to your MT4 servers. FCM360 provides a managed MT4 Broker Server solution in addition to hosting for your trader clients

Proximity Server Package

FCM360 will provide server hardware, operating system, and any database server along with license for trader to connect with your service. FCM360 will provide a networked and configured server to the trading client and perform any configurations the client requires to start trading with you

Managed Colocation Solution
  1. Managed colocation will be provided to trading clients based on their needs.
  2. FCM360 will provide any additional services that the client needs on a consultancy basis.
  3. Pricing will depend on specific network connection, IP, power and space required.
  4. The managed colocation solution will reside in the same datacenter or region as your product.

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