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TY3 Point-of-Presence Services

FCM360 offers Managed Services at TY3 which includes a four phased on-boarding methodology described below in-which FCM360 will manage for each of your clients who wish to access the TY3 marketplace.   Additionally, this service will extend or accept any connection in the region based on a custom project or requirement and will direct your clients clients back to Equinix LD4 and NY4 locations.

FCM360 Managed On-Boarding Methodology –

  • Phase 1 – Project Initiation
      • Counterparty Identification and Connection Type
      • Initiating Party Confirmation and Client Service Order Preparation
      • Creation of Project Assets for Product Identification used for Seamless Issue Resolution
  • Phase 2 – Physical Connectivity (Layer 2)
      • FCM360 and/or Client Information Generation (Business and Technical Project Leadership)
      • Counterparty Information Generation (Business and Technical Project Leadership)
      • Data Center Location Identification / Circuit, Cage, Media Identification and Management
  • Phase 3 – Network Routing (Layer 3)
      • Protocol Routing and IP Identification
    • Phase 4 – Application Information
      • Source IP Routing and Identification
      • Counterparty Natting Identification
      • Inbound / Outbound and Counterparty Liquidity Provider Identification

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Jubin Pejman - Managing Director - US Sales

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Jubin has over 20 years of E-Commerce and application hosting and development experience. In his roles at LTCM, JP Morgan’s Lab Morgan, GFI Group and Check Free Investment Services he built trading applications for some of the world’s largest financial companies. Jubin has helped thousands of organizations with their complex hosting requirements over the past decade.

Peter Heales - Managing Director - EMEA

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Peter has over 30 years experience in the business. As former head of derivatives operations EMEA at Bear Stearns, European Chairman of the Futures Industry Association and other leadership roles at JP Morgan and ICAP Peter helped numerous clients achieve their goals and run successful operations.