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CTRM/ETRM Hosting and Managed Services Solutions

With the explosion of CTRM/ETRM systems and their increasing technology requirements comes the management of this vast technical infrastructure in support of these requirements. Is managing this technology your primary business?  If not, then FCM360 is your solution.

FCM360 offers the highest standards of hosting technology for your commodity trading requirements.  With increased complexities from business areas such as trading, deal capture/reporting valuation, optimization, data management/validation and reporting, regulatory oversight and soon-to-be geospatial visualization, the CTRM/ETRM landscape continues its upward climb in complexities.  With this ever-changing landscape, focusing and reacting to your marketplace should be your primary business, not supporting the infrastructure which allows you to do this business.

With FCM360, once you have an established environment in one of our facilities, the scalability to meet your requirements is just a phone call away.  The strength of FCM360 business model is that of a pure technology hosting and colocation environments – FCM360 does not maintain exclusive relationships with commodity trading and risk technology providers. Technology has migrated as a business enabler which is now business as usual and ETRM/CTRM systems are no different.  Whether your CTRM/ETRM choice is Openlink Endur, Calypso, Triplepoint or EKA, partnering with FCM360 for your technology hosting requirements will not only give you the simplicity, flexibility and market know-how you expect from a market leader, what we also give you is a simple, clean and scalable solution for current and future infrastructure requirements.

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Jubin Pejman - Managing Director - US Sales

For US Sales Email Jubin at:

Jubin has over 20 years of E-Commerce and application hosting and development experience. In his roles at LTCM, JP Morgan’s Lab Morgan, GFI Group and Check Free Investment Services he built trading applications for some of the world’s largest financial companies. Jubin has helped thousands of organizations with their complex hosting requirements over the past decade.

Peter Heales - Managing Director - EMEA

For EMEA Sales Email Peter at:

Peter has over 30 years experience in the business. As former head of derivatives operations EMEA at Bear Stearns, European Chairman of the Futures Industry Association and other leadership roles at JP Morgan and ICAP Peter helped numerous clients achieve their goals and run successful operations.