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Centroid Solutions Ltd. is a Swiss company headquartered in Zurich’s greater area. In a context of a diminishing margins, increased regulatory and volatile markets, we have developed risk and performance management software to help financial institutions, in particular market makers and STP brokers, to better protect their capital and comply with regulatory as well as achieve a competitive edge through gain in operational efficiency and trading performance.

Centroid24 is a unique standard software that quantifies and manages market risks as well as measures performance … all this in Real-Time. Centroid24 computes the effective portfolio exposure with the Net Aggregated Open Interest and the Value-at-risk and based on the defined risk limit generates alerts and hedging recommendations.  Those are one of many functionalities, such as account risk profiling, revenue and cost breakdown at instrument and account level, break-even price calculation or in-depth reporting.

Centroid24 addresses needs beyond those of the Risk Officer and the Head Trading by offering an essential and sophisticated tool easy to use also for the Top Management. Centroid24 supports:

  • Risk Officer to implement and manage a professional risk framework
  • Dealing Room to optimize the trading strategy and performance in line with the defined risk limits
  • Top Management to increase transparency and control as well as maximize the risk-return the capital


Centroid24 is a secure hosted solution that is accessible online and via mobile devices. It has a user-friendly interface and supports MT4. Its web-based pricing and easy implementation make it accessible to any broker.

Centroid24’s main features allow you to

  • Aggregate Net Open Interest
  • Compute Market Risks (Value at Risk) and Stress Tests
  • Generate Hedging Proposals
  • Manage positions of your Book
  • Profile Accounts
  • Calculate Performance
  • Generate Reports
  • Conduct in-depth business intelligence


Value Based on an average business case, Centroid24 delivers an immediate return on investment by:

  • Improving operational efficiency by an estimated of 10%
  • Increasing trading performance (profit) by around 2-3%
  • Better capital protection (capital-adequacy ratio management)
  • Better and maximization of the risk-return
  • Better comply with regulatory
  • Better understanding of market patterns


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